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“The stupidity of people comes from having an answer for everything. The wisdom of the novel comes from having a question for everything.”

Milan Kundera

I am an experienced Product Manager and Supply Chain Leader, with a demonstrated history of cross-functional work focusing on delivering innovative class-leading products to discerning consumers. My career focus has been on developing and executing multi-year product and brand strategies, building processes, and procedures that enable sustained long-term growth, while losing sight of the needs of the consumer.

I love digging deep to understand problems and working collaboratively to solve them. I try to be self-reflective, open-minded, and receptive to feedback because that is the only way I can continue to learn and grow. I pride myself on being a leader that supports and empowers others toward success, whether they are direct reports or colleagues because we can only win as a team.

My passions almost always push me outdoors, but ultrarunning, cycling, and backpacking are truly part of my identity. I aim to bring passion and drive to everything I do, whether that’s leading a team at work, working through a tough problem, learning a new skill, pushing through a rough spot in an ultra, or helping around my house; I look for that same passion and drive in the companies I work for.

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