My about section is currently a work in progress, so in the mean time, I am repurposing an “About Me” I did for a running team, Inside Trail Team. Enjoy!

Nickname: I have no idea, I hear “fucking Wehan” a lot. I guess the closest thing to a nickname I do have is Wehanomics.

Occupation: I work in the bicycle industry. I have worked in product development and opperations.

Hobbies outside of running: Bicycle riding, fishing, hiking; those kind of things. I drive a lot too!

How you got into running and at what age: My parents and Uncles were really into running when I was growing up and that basically got me in. Although the story my parents would tell, would be that my soccer coach told me I needed to do cross country because I was slow and could not cover the field. I was probably 10 at the time, so that is pretty harsh to tell a kid, but I’d like to think I showed him!

Favorite race: Western States! Even though I have not gotten to race it yet, I love that race. I love the atmosphere and community around it; to me it really does represent a lot of the good things about ultra running.

Favorite running place: Mammoth Lakes, CA. To be fair, it is also my favorite place in general.

Most memorable race experience: My most memorable race experience was finishing Ironman Kona. Their are a lot of amazing finish lines in sports, but I think anyone would be hard pressed to say the finish line at Kona is anything but amazing. The most memorable race I have been at was when my wife finished Western States. She dug so deep and pushed her self so hard; it was just amazing to be apart of. I think i even shed a tear when she finished, but don’t tell her that.

Bucket-list race: Western States

What motivates you: I hate sitting still.

Summary of self in one word: Exploitative; Is that even a word? I like it anyways.

Least favorite thing about running: All the other cool things I could be doing: cross country sking, fishing, riding, etc.

Lesson/s learned from trail-running you wouldn’t have otherwise unearthed: This is a really hard one and I do not think I have a great answer for this. If I had to write something, I guess I would say, how bad things can get and how much further you can still push yourself.

Favorite pre-/during/post-race products: Pre- Coffee!!!! During – I like my Patagonia or NorthFace Better than Naked clothing, Honey Stinger gels, and Body Glide! Post – Beer and any food I can shovel in my face!

How many hours you train per week: I just looked back at Strava for the year and WOW does it vary. It appears I will drop to as little as 4hrs a week and as high a 24hrs a week, this does include cycling too.